pic: LSR Scholarship 2009


This is Maria V. after shaking hands with the judges at the Lone Star Regional March 2009. She along with a student from 118 were awarded a scholarship from the Houston Robotics.org committee.

The team made me proud the last two years with their Engineering Inspiration award but when they announced Maria as one of the two scholarship recipients made the most proud. These are the real reasons why we do what we do:)

Thanks goes to Lucia S. and all of her volunteers for making this possible.

I agree. With all the awards we won as a team during my time at Cyber Blue the most rewarding times were the scholarship winners. I remember sitting out at the Einstein field at Disney and wanting so bad for our kids to win one of those big scholarships. I know some teams have different benchmarks for when their team has arrived on the scene but winning scholarships has to be silently one of the best.