pic: Lunacy Game Balls

Students (and a few mentors) from 980 and 2404 have been building lunacy game balls (http://www.lunacygameballs.com/) in preparation for the pre-ship scrimmage.

(The wrinkles are because these balls aren’t quite finished yet.)

This past week, several students built game balls for the local pre-ship scrimmage. <shameless plug> These are the same as the kits we’re selling at http://www.lunacygameballs.com/ </shameless plug>

Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact amount of time spent. We found an assembly-line process worked best:

  1. put all the sleeves on the lexan strips
  2. weave a “hat” shape 1/2 ball (1 loop, and 5 woven strips)
  3. complete the ball, finishing off the remaining 5 loops
  4. seal all the sleeves

(step 4 has not been done on most of these) Initially we were were sealing by sowing, but later we discovered hot glue works well.

Are only teams with thunder in their names building lunacy balls? :slight_smile: