pic: MA Teams - Current and Dormant

This is a visual representation of all the current and dormant MA teams.

Team numbers are only listed on a permanent number basis (aka, if a team has a post-1998 (permanent) number and is dormant, their number is listed. If they have no number or were part of the seasons that issued numbers on an annual basis and did not live to receive a permanent number, they are listed as “D”).

Comments and corrections are appreciated. :slight_smile:

246 is not dormant; I saw them at BAE Manchester regionals this year.

Of course, no one recognized me, since I gather most of the kids have graduated since I was on that team.

There is an orange 246 right above the two purple ones to denote the active high schools.

The two 246’s that are dormant relate to the two high schools that have since dropped that were related to the team: John D. O’Bryant High School of Math & Science & Boston Latin Academy. In the later maps this was visually related differently, I’ll be sure to change it on this one. Thanks!

Wow, that’s pretty detailed (but kind of unclear the way you had it). And yeah, I think I saw an O’Bryant kid at ONE meeting. It was all BUA folks.

125 is not dormant. Northeastern Univ, Boston Latin and Winthrop HS. and host of Beantown Blitz…May 21st.

Also are you including teams that ‘used to be’ as dormant? Is yes, there was one in Northhampton. The number escapes me right now but they built and competed in the NASA Florida regional in 2001 I believe.

125 follows the same habits as 246 in that they acquire a lot of high schools which are no longer with the team today although the team itself survives (the orange 125 is next to the orange 246 on the picture). The purple 125s relate to one of these schools: Brookline High School & Catholic Memorial & Milton Academy & Newton Country Day School & The Winsor School.

Boston Latin School, the original carrier of the team, is in it’s 10th participatory season. According to the records from the archived FIRST team listings on archive.org, Winthrop has never been mentioned on the official listings. So, I will change that orange square to red, thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

A dormant team is defined as one that participated but did not participate in the current year. Team 690, Western Massachusetts Electric Company & Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School from Northampton, competed in the 2002 season but there has been no listing of anything similar to that since.