pic: MadTown 1323 Robot Mast Shot


Madera’s Robot as of Monday

I love the color. Is it just me or does the frame look welded onto your cart in this picture.

The robot does look welded to the cart. It is a nice paint job.

I’t is not welded to the cart but it kinda looks like it. The color is Cheap 1.99$ spray-paint.

so, what is the bot’s main function? ramp, scorer, combo?

It does both the mast you see has mounts on it to mount our scorer and it then folds down to become a ramp. Our drive train is the same as last years that never got pushed around by any one else in the Archimedes

  1. That is the most robust ramp-bot I’ve seen yet. I like it. I certainly hope that there is a provision to allow for robot wider than 28".

  2. I didn’t know that there was an academies division last year. Maybe that would solve our rookies vs. veterans dilemna that seems to be wandering around these forums.

  3. I fail to see how your drive train is the same as last year, considering you are using the kit supplied Banebot transmissions, with a 2x CIM adapter. Do you mean that you are using the same wheels, or the same final ratio, or just the fact that your chassis is purple again?

  4. Can’t wait to see it in action…


  1. Meant Archimedes sorry…
  2. Gear ratio and wheels are the same.
  3. And no way for robot wider than 28.
  4. Robot can score and climb other robots