pic: Madtown Robotics 07-08 Frame

This was our frame for the 07 and 08 season and it weighed 18 pounds, our future frame weighs about 7 pounds, but that frame is only for 4 inch wheels. This is a sturdy frame

New Frame link:

I like it. I’m assuming you welded it?

Did you have anything serving as a front crossbar?

What are the pieces on the front made out of?

Yes it is welded and i haven’t added any of the front braces because it was just a broad frame drawings. The pieces in the front are funny. It is 1x2 and you hacksaw two curves in and bend them back. Then you welded thema nd it looks like a half moon bumper.

If you don’t mind me asking… why was this done?

To be honest i don’t know, our shop teacher did it last year with senior 07 robotics team and i have no clue, but we did it this year again. Kind of cool i guess???