pic: Magic Smoke

I thought for a minute someone had blown a victor :slight_smile:

That was us. And actually, it was a CIM motor.

Holy smokes!! (pun intended) that is the first time i have ever seen a CIM go up in smoke like that. Do you know what caused the cim to do that and do you have a picture of that motor afterwards?

wow how in the world did that happen??

I knew you guys were really smokin’ at Championships. I just didn’t realize how much!

pssst… it was the opening ceramonies fireworks/exploding balloons :wink:

. . . . . how . . . ?

Hm, I don’t recall an actual opening ceremony, but I guess I missed it while I was in the pit. Either way, thats still a lot of smoke.

mann that was pretty lame… i was working on VEX and i missed the opening ceremonies that day --" i heard it was really cool too

This being a CIM motor is a joke right?? How is that possible.

Well it all started when i was looking at the 195 robot while eating my jelly donut. They told me to be very careful and not get the jelly on the robot’s motors because it could be deadly. Of course i laughed at them and kept on eating my donut. The thing that makes me feel bad is that when they turned around, i bent down to take a better look and some how some jelly squeezed out and landed on the wires just going into the CIM. The next thing i knew, i had no eyebrows, my donut was gone and 195 was chasing after me for taking down their CIM.
Moral of the story, don’t put jelly on the wires of the CIM’s.
hmm, i could go for another jelly donut right now.

There seems to have been alot of smoke this year in Atlanta! :ahh:

Most people don’t realize jelly is an excellent electrolyte.
That’s why the 12v Exide batteries are gel based.:rolleyes:

Never, ever drip jelly into your victor unless you first insulate it with dough!:ahh:

Unfortunately you don’t have choice when ordering. Grape is more efficient than cherry or strawberry.

Actually…that was quite scary. As I stood on Einstein watching our alliance compete…I start to smell smoke and see it coming out of 195…the rest seems like a blur…but in the end everything turned out alright. At least they did catch fire.

That reminds me of stories our mentors tell us about how they used to chase our robot with fire extinguishers ‘just in case’ :rolleyes:

Anyone have photos of the Galileo robot that began smoking after the match finished? It played the whole match, climbed up on the ramp at the end, and began smoking after the final buzzer sounded. The referees grabbed the fire extinguisher after a few seconds, but I never saw them use it. (No flames, just plenty of smoke.)

Anyone want to claim this robot or provide additional details/photos?