pic: Magnetic arm concept.


Team update #4: alliances will receive 100 points for stacking robots red-blue-red-blue on the coopertition bridge.

Step #1 turn on magnet
Step #2 Connect Magnet to bridge
Step #3 Magnet to random robot passerby and put him on your head
Step #4 Magnet Kitteh bot on top of Steampipe bot
Step #5 ???
Step #6 PROFIT

No, The magnetic approach will not work for many reasons. However, what your looking for is a tractor beam like on star trek. Good old Mcmaster carr has one in stock that should fit in the FRC application and budget. It is part number 2643K1. Look into it.

Interesting idea. Il bring this up at tonights meating so we can mull it over. Thanks!

That’s clearly a Dalek end effector, not a tractor beam. These are tractor beams. (Some are auto-resetting, heavy duty ones!)

wow cool they are only $7.35 :smiley:

looking at the picture and description I cant see how it works though…
Do you think this device will not break any rules?


Another Idea I came up with is for a weightless way for making the extra energy you need to power those throwers. (yeah yeah yeah only the battery can store energy but It said nothing about energy production)

you may have heard of it before its the Buttered cat paradox

This idea is very light weight and effective.
It is based on the follow two theories:
Cats always land on their feet/Buttered toast always lands buttered side down.

we just need to tie some toast onto the back of a cat and stick on the robot while harvesting the rotational energy. here is some illistrations

and remember guys use real butter not margarine!

Can you imagine the amount of power needed to do that if it was an electro magnet!?!?! Its a good idea if it was a bit more realistic.

read the whole thread I came up to a solution for the energy problem did you not see it !?

Too complicated and unreasonable!

I’d recommend you use The Force instead!

How do you suppose to get the robots to balance on top of you once you get them up there?

And wouldn’t 298 lbs of robot crush you measly 149 lbs?

Mill the chassis out of a solid block of Aluminum, to retain maximum strength.

****** magnets. How do they work?

This is a great idea, although I’d suggest using an extremely rare earth aluminum magnet.


I don’t want the force if i can’t use force lightning, violates r36:mad:

Is this a legit team update? O.o


All the official team updates can be seen here: http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/TeamUpdates/0

100 points would be a brutal bonus if that was a real thing, though.

guys this is not in the updates I have looked It is not there! If so please prove me wrong

Our arm mechanism will change the way this game is played!