pic: MAK 211 Robot

This is what it actually looks like. You can guess what it does.

Um, what exactly is your bot supposed to do? :confused:

Obviously it is supposed to spin in very fast circles to gain enough lift to fly on top of the bar and balance itself.

You have played the game have you.



:ahh: I think I liked the one on the white board better!

when was that photo taken?!

If that, err, is your robot, you might want to consider enclosing the electronics, tidying them up a bit, and generally bulking up your robot. You seem a little light.

i think this is a joke.

its defently a joke ther are no motors

I see a motor, at least there is a shaft and coupler headed somewhere. I think the are mounted to the aluminum tubing under the electronics board. And yes what I said was a joke.

If you look on the whiteboard, you can see that this is the base they had drawn up.

Not to worry. This picture was taken a very long time ago. Probably sometime last week at least!

Yes this is our base. We used the motors, wheels and transmissions from the kit. It went together so nicely and quickly that we had this built in the first week. We liked it so much that we decided to keep it this way and concentrate all our efforts on the game playing part of the robot. The omniwheels give us great manuevurability. It handles like a dream!

I will post another, more finished, picture tomorrow. I misplaced the camera or I would have posted it tonight.

The electronics in the picture is our test board. It has 4 speed controllers on it with the default code. We use that to test our base before the electrical team has anything ready.