pic: MAK Team 211 Hangin'


While here is our finished bot. It hangs from the side so we don’t ever have to drive up onto the platform. That would explain the earlier picture that shows our very low ground clearence. It may not be apparentent from the picture, but it is not touching the vertical bar at all.

VERY NICE! I love the hanging off of the side.

That’s impressive, very cool.

that looks like it would be hard to line up to the bar. Can you line it up from the player station?

i was talking to 1089 and and they were told that you were not allowed to interact with the side bar in this robot looks like they do that. check with first.

I went and looked the rule up and you really need to talk to a first rep. Here is how the rule reads word for word.

Hanging- A robot is considered hanging from the pull up bar if it is directly supported by the HORIZONTAL BAR and is not touching the carpet, platform or goals.

unless you are only touching the vertical bar you did not score 50 points.

The caption reads, “It may not be apparentent from the picture, but it is not touching the vertical bar at all.”

It appears as if the robot grabs the horizontal bar in two places, cantilevering the rest of the robot off to the side. It’s entirely possible to hang that way without touching the vertical support bar.

Clever idea :slight_smile:

Well in that case that is one of the coolest thing i have seen

Thanks for the compliments. I haven’t seen anyone else hanging off the side yet. I sure others are out there.

In the team Q&A section, this question has been asked several times. The answer they always gave is that you are allowed to touch the vertical bar, but not support yourself on it. Our mech engineer was paranoid of touching it. So we made our robot capable of hanging just fine without touching it at all.

The top arm flips up automatically when the telescope raises. Limits shut off the telescope when it is 10’ high. So basically, all you do is raise the telescope all the way and drive at the arm. Little fingers on the arm spring back and hold us to the bar without the risk of falling off backwards.

It is working much better than most of us on the team thought it would.

:yikes: Very impresive! I imagine it’ll serve you well in competition. ^^