pic: making fried oreos at Hightstown Day !

Fried oreos?!? Ooohh…That’s interesting. Heart attack anyone? :smiley:

They’re good. But not as good as Butter Fried Krispy Kremes.

I wonder if we gonna have Krispy Kremes as official Sponsors for 2007; which means that they’ll have a stand right outside the Georgia Dome for Butter Fried Krispy Kremes; than its obvious where to look for Laverys’.

On a bright note, i can see Danielle and 1089 starting a good competition against Krispy Kremes with their power of Fried Oreos (believe it or not, those things are GOoOooOOOOOOOOOoooOooD!).

I have never heard of fried oreos.
Do you just drop them in the oil?

Yea same here. I’ve never ever heard of fried oreos before.

They are often sold by the same folks that make funnel cakes at carnivals, fairs, etc. The oreo is dipped in funnel cake batter, which is then fried as usual and sprinkled with some powdered sugar.

Thank you Richard.
We always get a funnel cake (they are huge) at the rodeo every spring.
They are good with honey laced or drizzled over them.

Oreos in a funnel cake batter…imagine that.

the question is- “why is the girl on the left wearing First Jersey Kid’s team shirt?”

wc :cool:

Best part- the oreo is like lava (minus the hot), I had a few at Holiday World because it was my birthday and it was my birthday “cake”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh…Let the congested arteries of the populace cry out against the tyranny of tastebuds.

Fried oreos are made of win.