pic: Making Progress

This is our hopper for our load in. We can’t wait until we get the powder paint on the robot. Lone Star here we come.

Just to comment about what 3666 has right here. It might not be true but it seems like this robot heavily emulates the robot in 3 days. I wanted to highlight the fact at how much it has helped teams out to really understand the best basic strategy for approaching this game. Not only did it help teams get a good understanding of what to do but also it brings ability to where some teams haven’t reached potential yet. Hopefully, this is a kickstart to future team success.

The bot looks great 3666, good luck in Lone Star.

We did use Ri3 days as inspiration but were also kind of doing our thing with a custom milled wheel among other things. We felt not designing a floor collector was the way to go. And honestly, this our first robot that’ll be competive at competition.

You bet it will. Keep up the good work guys!


Looks awesome! Only advice would be to widen the frisbee collector up top. In the heat of the moment you want it to be stupid easy for the operator and human player to hook up.

Yeah we plan on doing something along those lines. We also have some work to do around the shooter so it’ll have clearance for the wheel and electric solenoid. Thanks for the advice and encouragement guys.