pic: Manchester Kickoff 2007

The tubes are stickier that I expected. They got hung up on each other.

well if they ever got like this its negated anyway

AHHHH! its the game hint :smiley:

I took some pictures of “the rack” at the VCU Kickoff. It was built by Jewett Automation from Richmond. I think I got pictures of all the components to help teams when building their own rack. You can right-click the picture and click view image to see a larger version. These pics are about 1/4 original size. I will be linking to the full-size originals soon.


Nice pics. Thanks for posting them.

For video of the Rack and the other game elements in action, check out FIRSTCast and The Blue Alliance’s coverage of the 2007 kickoff.

It is quite a thing to behold.

I dont know if its just me but i see little rubber like tubes coming off of the diamond plate. How flexible are those?

They are “gas/emmision” lines from an automobile.*
Had markings that they were “made by GE”.*
Check an auto parts store and ask for a rubberized fuel line, or the full field specs should have something in there about them I would hope.
They won’t be an issue to bend, don’t worry about that.

*Everything in quotes was actually written on the tube itself.

I just finished loading the full size versions of my rack pictures. I have not linked them, but you can access the folder here: http://kyle.fnsnet.net/07FRC/