pic: Mangled Steel

We used this bolt as a cotter pin for the main pivot in our arm. We had a peice of 5/8" shaft through a peiced of steel pipe, and this bolt went through both of them (so that every peice was perpindicular to the others) in order to keep that 5/8" shaft from rotating.

On the 5/8" shaft we had a big 80 tooth #35 sprocket, and the gearbox was on the arm and would sort of climb up the sprocket.

Well, one of our matches we noticed the big sprocket turning (its not supposed to do that) and our arm was dead. We found this peice of metal where the bolt used to be.

Thats a .25" hardened steel rod. It is completely cut in one place, and mangled almost beyond recognition in another place. A Globe motor did this.

Based on your caption, I think your problem has little to do with the globe motor and a whole lot to do with gravity and some serious inertia.

yea, if its on an arm, and arm extened has a HUGE lever arm. We have a cable that raises are arm. rated for 300#, but weve snapped it 3 times

next time u take a pic like that, use the macro :wink:

yeah, it was probably more gravity than anything, but we had a massive garage door spring on there that kept it neutral. I think it was inertia.

Still, thats pretty wicked awesome. I was going to take it and make a necklace out of it, but a friend of mine won a game of rock-paper-scissors for it. Curse his eyes!

Good reason not to put your finger there :ahh: