pic: Marauder Drive

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Marauder Drive Specs:

  • 6 CIMs
  • 2 Speed
    – Low Gear 23:1 5ft/s
    – High Gear 9:1 13ft/s
    – Optional High Gear 6:1 20ft/s
  • PTO for Drive/Climb
  • Software assisted pneumatic brake
    – Built in fail-safe so if we lose air or power during the climb it will auto engage preventing us from falling
  • Rendered in 16k :smiley:

The Render Took me about 4 Hours 30 Min on a
AMD FX-8150 @ 3.9Ghz (8 Core)
Water Cooled
8Gb of Kingston HyperXT1 memory @ 1600mhz
Western Digital Velociraptor SATAIII
Resolution : 15360x8640 which is 16k or digital cinema quality
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

I can not wait to see how this works!

  • Andrew

Looks really heavy. What sort of weight is it?

Ya unfortunately there pretty heavy, about 15lb a piece :frowning:

I love it heavy or not, a cheesed version would be really cool

Ours were 20 a piece at one point…

I designed a similar gearbox with a high/low and a drive/climb shifter! I just need to come up with a brake like you have. How do you stop the gear? I see the pneumatic piston, but what is on the end of it?

I’ll be posting pics/vids of it soon, but all it is is a small piece of rack on a sliding block, the key is to software assist it so your not jamming it into the gear ruining the teeth. Also the piston needs minimal pressure (<5psi) so its possible to use the spring loaded pistons, or possible even a servo ( gonna try that one out sometime soon ).