pic: Marina posing with Little Jerry

Marina seen here with Little Jerry is a member of our chairman’s committee. Our robot base is now complete! On to the rack stacker and ramps!! We have 40 lbs to play with.

Shes pretty, the robot that is. 40lbs for ramps and lift, not much to play with. Good luck. Looks like a great base.

you should put the target lights on the bottom as running lights, or somebody should!

We did that two years ago. I was a year before the lights came in the kit, but we found them in a local store and bought a couple of pairs of them. We mounted them inside the chasis and it gave off a cool glow.
They are fragile, of course, and we broke them during repairs with clumsy tool handeling and rest stopped working after competitions with the robot to robot banging around.

They are cool for demos, though!