pic: Mark Leon At Our Unveiling/Chili Cookoff

Mark Leon At Team 585’s Robot Unveiling/ Chili-Cookoff Enjoying Chili.

Mark Leon!!! He’s the best. I barely recognized him without his blue hair.

We love mark here at the Pink Team. THIS IS WHY WE DO THE MATH!

Hope to see him around this year sometime. Ditto on the blue hair.

Mark Leon FTW!
He is by far the best MC at FIRST matches ever!
We pushed to have him at our inaugural Hawaii regional and he will be there!!!

He’ll be at Hawaii. Im sure you won’t be able to miss him :wink:

This is going to make Hawaii that much better. I CAN’T WAIT!

Mark is seriously the coolest guy ever.

Forgot to say that this was on Monday. The reason he doesn’t have his blue hair is the Airport People took it away from him or so he said.

Mark is my Hero

BTW it is good to see that he is eating something other than spuds :stuck_out_tongue: