pic: Mark Leon invades WalMart

My friend and teammate (madmac625 on CD) was in a WalMart and saw this sign. He photoshopped in the “The World” part. Looks like we really are changing the culture…

Totally awesome :slight_smile:

I was able to grab a snapshot of one of the signs in the walmart by me to post to the Mark Leon facebook fan club.

My mom thought I was just being weird for taking a photo of a random sign in walmart!


There is a Mark Leon facebook fan club?!? Oh my! :yikes:

You need to change the color of the sign to blue.

No, Orange is better. :wink:

Also, this reminds of a news interview him and Nancy McIntyre, senior mentor for the Southern California area, were featured in New Zealand. They interviewed them about the workshops we were hosting.

Saw these locally among the mob of middle schoolers looking for last minute school supplies…

Mark leon is simple the best MC, I love him with all of my heart, and am so lucky to have experience his shenanigans in LA, San Diego, and Atlanta