pic: Mark Leon no ka 'oi!

Translation: Mark Leon is the best!

This was supposed to be given to him in San Diego, but did not make it in time and was given to him later in Atlanta.

Here’s to a great guy!

Well deserved. Mark is a great guy and I had the pleasure of meeting him on Archimedes in Atlanta. I’m looking forward to seeing him put on a show in Hawai-i, 2008. That’s going to be one fun regional!

Congrats Mark! A well deserved recognition.

Very Cool Mark!

Congrats, Mark!

(Does the man have an off switch? I’m starting to doubt it.)

Congratulations Mark, great job I hope to be able to see you again in Hawaii!, If I can get the $.

This is why we do the math! Congrats, and well deserved.



thats totally why you do the math, great job mark

Congratulations Mark. Thats a job well done. I guess he gets an A+ on his homework assignment for this year :slight_smile:

How cool is it to have individual recognition from the Governor! Congratulations.

Team MorTorq LOVES Mark Leon!!!

Quoting our spirit captain: “Mark you’re our spark!”

No, he really doesn’t… In honor of our school’s tech week, he came as a rep from NASA, and was just as crazy (if not more active) than at a FIRST event. The hair wasn’t blue, but he was still that crazy-fun-go-nuts-insane announcer we know and love!

As said before, us on 114 have nothing but respect for Mark and what he does for not only Hawaii but the entire West Coast. This year I had the added bonus of being on the same flight as him both to and from the championship, which was fun to say the least. I even shared a taxi with him from the airport to our hotels. All around a great guy and an inspiration to many, including myself. Thanks and congratulations Mark!

On behalf of Waiakea High School team 2024, we thank Mark for everything he has done for our team. He made our F.I.R.S.T. experience a wonderful and enjoyable one. We look foward to seeing you and everyone else at the Hawaii regional next year. Mahalo!