pic: Marriage proposal, SAC Regional 2009 (1/2)

He’s apparently an alumni/mentor for FRC1678 “Citrus Circuits”, Davis HS, California; she was a field volunteer. It brought the house to its feet…

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I’m assuming she said “yes”, then? :smiley:


A couple a the Midwest Regional got married. I think they were both volunteers at the regional I think.

What is he holding up? It looks like a stick of some sort

edit: after a closer look, the stick is just part of the system & in his hand is the ring in its case open

My name is Devin Castellucci, our first date was to a ComBots Competition in SF in 2007 and for our anniversary date we went to the ComBots Competition again (9 months ago) and I made the decision to spent the rest of my life with Rebeca and then put 9 months of planing and scheming into the work up to that one moment. She had no idea that I was planning this and was completely surprised. I got out there and my heart was racing, my legs were rubber, and all there was with me out on the field was Beca and the screaming cheers of the crowd overwhelming my voice, that a few seconds ago was booming across the stadium speakers. My question to her and her responding with a “yes” were drown out in a sea of cheering. The entire rest of the day people would come up to us and tell us “Congratulations” and to all of you, we Thank YOU very much!

Wow, one year and we’ve had a marriage and a proposal?

Nerd love in the air this year.

Mr. Castellucci, congratulations! Also, congratulations to Mrs. Castellucci :wink:

In one hand a mic, in the other a ring. the stick is the background.

I theorize it’s compensation for a lack of it in the 2008 season; to my knowledge, no such events happend that year. (Andy Grady seems to have started the modern trend when he proposed to The Clipboard Wielding Volunteer Coordinator Formerly Known As Jessica Boucher at BattleCry in 2007.)

Congrats to the couple!

When I was planning this I had no idea that other stuff like this had been done before, I still believe that I was very original.

Actually, a marriage and two proposals. George Ackley proposed to his now-fiancee (sorry, I don’t know her name) on the field at New Jersey too.

And yes, it’s still very original. Congratulations!

I’ve been trying to find footage of the proposal on the web and haven’t found any yet. I do have video of it, but would like to know if anyone else has video of it or has seen video of it somewhere and if so where can I find it.

Congrats to you both!

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you it’s just about the coolest way for it to happen :slight_smile:

She must have known that if she declined the invitation to form an alliance that no one else would be allowed to pick her.



(But of course, as any happy husband knows… the wife is always the #1 seed!)

Actually that marks like 2 or 3 proposals and 1 wedding. This has been a very busy year for FIRST couples across the states :)… I love when FIRST love blooms starts to feel all warm and fuzzy

Your referring to Heather and George lol…

but yes as said in a previous post It’s a busy FIRST season for love =)

I laughed, probably -way- too much at that. Especially considering I’m in classs… Haha.

Congrats to all!

This is without a doubt the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Congratulations!! This is such a unique idea…It reminds me of when I was at a retreat with my church and someone proposed to their now wife. FIRST love is one of my favorite things in the world!

Congratulations to you both! :smiley:

Yeah, ME too!