pic: MARS in Jupiter Parade

MARS Team 1523 won 1st place for originality yesterday in the local holiday parade. Our float consisted of penguins cheering on a penguin buddy as he tried to get airborn (with aid from our 2007 robot). An igloo (decorated beetle) pulled the float which sported banners reading: “Live your fantasy; dare to fly!”

More pictures can be viewedhere

Your float is so cute. What a great way to use last years robot!!!

haha interesting

Loving the bug wrapped up. Nice float too guys, keep up the awesome work 1523=).

Is that Tim’s car? =)

Thanks fin… :P. Nah, that’s my moms, I’ve been ricing around in my slowica for a few months now. Don’t be hating on the bug though, its a Turbo diesel with a manual transmission :cool: .

Very cool :cool:

That is so creative and funny!

hahaha thats great!! I showed my sis it and she loves penguins

sweet idea

That is sooooo cute and sooooo awesome.
Two of my favorite things in that photo - Penguins and a Robot :slight_smile:
I most definately would have given you guys points for originality :slight_smile:

It’s great! The first thing to catch my eye was the igloo. It was nice to have the photo gallery to look at to see how the igloo was created. Great teamwork, great theme! Dare To Fly, oh yeah!

The igloo did cause people to take a 2nd look. They’d really stare when the “flying penguin” took off or moved. The team was even mentioned in our newspaper’s parade coverage (can see the online article here: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2007/dec/11/jtaa-holiday-parade-rousing-success/ ). This was our 2nd year participating and has proven to be an excellent team-building activity to prepare for woking together post kick-off.