pic: MARS Rings a Keeper

MARS team 1523 ringing a student at local elementary school in a demo.

[size=1](No one was hurt in the taking of this photo or the event)[/size]

We did demos with last years robot…most the kids wanted to see their teachers get the poof balls shot at them. :slight_smile:

Now THAT is cute! I love the expression on the kids faces! Especialy the one who is caped

We love to let children stand still and stretch and arm out so we can score on them. Its always cute watching them watch a proportionally giant robot bear down upon them and gently place a ringer on them.

We drove our robots around at a school festival called “spring fever”. A lot of kids skipped the rides to watch us drive around and occasionally shoot balls at their parents or siblings. Most of the kids were really interested in how the robot worked and how we drove them. It was interesting to see who my future team mates were going to be. lol. :slight_smile:

MARS Rings a Keeper

I like the quote for this photo!

Good Job M.A.R.S!

The kids at the school loved “feeding” tubes to the robot. A unique, travel friendly spider leg was created the night before the demo from a modified 2005 tetra goal which held one spider leg attached at its upper point.

Ok, now do it in Auto mode!

Haha. Oh dear lord… poor kids.