pic: MARS stretches its 4-bar

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right?

Da Vinci did it.

What didn’t Da Vinci do?

(Seriously, he’s probably got a similar four-bar drawn up somewheres…)

Da Vinci’s The Perfect Bot?:yikes:

Very clever way to get your grabber to go to parallel to the ground on both sides of the robot. Did you also consider using chain with a certain sprocket tooth ratio to get the desired rotation like this four bar system does. I’ve always wanted to make something like that, it saves having to use another motor for that wrist joint. Great job, any chance we could get some 3d images?

Yep, thats exactly how it works.

Two keyangs in the base, for low CG and linked together for power, run ~8ft of chain up to the linkage and main bar separately. (Our inventor team couldn’t get chain to work yet so pretend there is a chain from these up to the sprockets midway up the arm).

The sprockets were made by hand with drill press and skill saw (and a lot of time - spares were later made using a CNC).

More renderings are available in our gallery here.

Very awesome. Reminds me a lot of our robot. Similar diea with a four-bar linkage, however ours is driven by one big CIM geared down, and is assembled a bit differently. Looks very, very nice though. And the Da Vinci style drawing is an awesome touch.


very nice:)

That’s cool

It’s even weirder that I just did a five-page paper on Da Vinci, about a page went to the Virtuvian (Spelling) Man.

Great Job.

See you guys at regionals!