pic: Marshmallow roast around last year's robot

We decided to have a ritual robot burning with our 2015 machine Stack Overflow. Marshmallows were cooked and S’Mores were eaten.

This is such a crazy picture!

A robot burning ritual is kinda cool and crazy!

Wooden robot. Gotcha.

Wow! I don’t think I could ever come to terms with burning a robot - I think our teams tears would well extinguish the fire.

But that is insane! Did the s’mores have a metallic taste to them haha?!

Living the dream.

Bit Buckets is know for having wooden robots. If I remember right the laser cut Baltic Birch for their frames. I assume they removed the gears and electronics. Thus very little metal.

I see. With a little searching I found from their website: “In 2014-2015 for the first time since our first year we went to world championships by winning the Arizona regional with our lazier cut wooden robot”.

Assuming ‘lazier’ was supposed to say laser (unless I’m missing some joke or info about lazier cutting), you recalled correctly.

Too bad you didn’t have any M-250’s lying around…

I have been floating the idea of a bonfire to dispose of this year’s plywood field elements. I don’t think anyone will be sorry to see that massive tower go. I don’t even want to think about how much time and effort we’ve spent dragging that thing in and out of our build room every meeting so we can access the rest of the room.

We were considering this, too, until someone actually dug up the local bonfire regulations and found that it’s illegal to burn lumber (as opposed to firewood, which is fine). Bummer.

“Recycle Rush? What’s that, some sort of charity marathon?”:]

I wish I could burn my team’s 2015 robot…

This is amazing. Unfortunately we won’t be attempting this seeing as we have a almost full aluminium robot :smiley:

We do have a spare crate from champs lying around though…

If finely divided enough, aluminum burns quite well.

As much as this might not be good for global warming, rest in flames, Ol’ Stack Overflow, for you shall be remembered in picture and video archival systems.

Otherwise, y’all have guts to set your robot from last year aflame. Dang.

That’s pretty sick. I’m going to have a hard time convincing the mentors to take up that idea though. :smiley:

To be fair you do need to add an oxidizer to get that effect. Otherwise you need to use it like really sparkly coffee creamer.


I may have a small* obsession with fire.

*this is a lie

YOU DID WHAT!!! :ahh:

I don’t think I could either.

Probably, or at least hopefully! Why would anyone burn expensive electronics like a RoboRIO and PDP?

Not a bad idea! Is there a more satisfying way to dispose of something that caused difficulty and frustration?

How could you?! :yikes:

Explosives, maybe shooting, maybe shooting explosives. Those are the only thing I can think of that would be more satisfying. Legality will vary by area. As will liabilities. Either way far far away from people.

Now I really want to burn and/or shoot something :frowning: Oh well I’ll find some time this summer.