pic: MARS's Autodesk Enforcer

If everyone else is going to upload a Autodesk model I suppse we need to as well… here is our mentor Ramell Tomlin being “gangster”.

See the video this screencap is from here: http://marsbot.org/AutodeskEnforcer

Bah… I can’t find where to edit the description (I forgot to use bbcode on the link) so here is the clickable link:


I had already put together this footage for a mentor thank you DVD… hope they like it :smiley:

Am I the only person who doesn’t understand these hand gestures (not to mention not understanding what exactly this guy is doing)?

Maybe it’s one of those things where you had to be there.

He is practicing for the Nintendo Wii.

Kidding, he normally is nothing like that, but its kind-of just what the impression of ‘gangster’ is. Probably because gangsters usually do hand motions similar, but usually with a so called ‘gat’ (handun(s)) in their hand(s).

Probably… or if you have just ever seen a person pretend to be “gangster”.

He’s being “gangsta” :ahh:

Reference: Gangstas on ChiefDelphi

Don’t worry, I don’t totally understand the gestures either…

thats funny…what exactely is he enforcing??

Probably not the signature limit, now that Brandon fixed it :smiley:

During a match our backup battery fell off (fortunately our recharge circuit kept the bot running) and after the match ended, a FIRST official gave it to another team thinking it was theirs. They didn’t realize it was ours and kept it, so Ramell went over and “enforced” (he just asked for it - they didn’t mean to borrow/steal it).

Thats how we roll in the five six ace

I don’t know, it sorta looks like he’s enforcing 3dsMAX 8/Inventor 10 Pro copy protection. Funny, how this is the stereotypical “gangsta” sort of gestures and such, none of the “gangstas” I know do anything of the sort. Except one Crip girl (with a Blood ex-boyfriend, really odd) who goes around talking about her “gat”, or sometimes, her “ratchet.”