pic: Martian Death Grip

Our off-season project could come in “handy”.

That is a great design, but i see a problem, the ring is semi-deflated, i bet you the competition rings will be inflated more and you might pop the ring

Cool Hand - what was it originally for, and do you have a schematic?

Don’t want it for a FIRST bot - just need something to pick up after my kid! He leaves dirty laundry all over the place.

I am humbled by your Kung Fu grip.

The hand was conceived by team engineer Jay Tenbrink and built by our students on Team 494, The Martians. One of our team mentors is an MD and we hooked up with him to take the hand and demo it at the hospital’s prosthetics lab. Since then it travels with us to competitions for demo purposes. We have photos of GM Vice President Tom Stephens shaking hands with it at the 2006 Championship in Atlanta :slight_smile:

I too could use it for my 10 year old whose stuff some how manages to be all over our house! AND she wonders why she can never find anything:ahh: