pic: Marvin The Martian modeled in SolidWorks

Marvin The Martian modeled in Solidworks.
Unfortunately it wasn’t done by myself, but I think it was pulled off a 3D model site.
In any case, it’s pretty cool.
I may try to attempt to model another character someday maybe.
I’m thinkin’ maybe Taz, or Marvin’s Dog to go along with Marvin.
What was that Dog’s name again?

Got a question: where is his PU-36 explosive space modulator? :smiley:

Ohhh! Thats making me very angry!

BTW - I own a small business, selling used and refurbished test equipment (scopes, power supplies…) I have a stamp I put on the bottom of every box I ship - Its Marvin saying “Open the other end” with his disintegrator pistol

Mentors have WAY to much free time after the build season.
Looks amazing though Elgin.

so… can you make him dance now - animated GIF?