pic: Maryland First Teams

All 16 Maryland FIRST teams, as of June 22, 2004. I tried to get the locations as good as possible.

Where’s Team 007?

I think its right next to 768, but just blending in…those sneaky 007-ers :wink:

We keep trying to get them to use “007” but they keep dropping those pesky “0’s” :rolleyes:

Jessica is right. Only they have misplaced us. We should be moved northeast. We are on the Baltimore city line. And 768 should be moved more west. But it’s good to see all those numbers on the map. And I talked to someone today who approached me about setting up a meeting to talk to a school principal.

Thanks for looking out for us Rich!

this is true…they put 768 and 7 on the wrong side of the beltway…silly non baltimorians! :stuck_out_tongue:

when I made the map, it was 2 am, and I was just using approximations. If any of you guys have photoshop, I can e-mail you the psd for corrections.

if someone can make changes for me since i don’t have photoshop:

1111 and 165 move right with 165 being higher than 1111 centered over Annapolis and Rt 50 (that road that goes across the Chesapeake Bay).

449 moves left between 1389 and 53

I hope this isn’t too much


We are all alone way down in southern maryland.

Haha! I couldn’t see 007 at first until I looked next to 768. It’s too funny…I was like, “where’s 007?!..ohh…it’s only 7…” I’m so used to the 007, not just 7. I have PSP, but not Photoshop. I’m not sure if that’ll do the trick or not, but if I try to erase the 7 and 768, it’ll have a white, gray or black smudge. haha depending on which color I use to erase.
As long as we know which team is what and where they are, we’re good to go. Man, I hope we can get more FIRST Teams in MD. Seems lonely for some teams…poor 836 :frowning:

wow…theres a bunch of teams pretty close to us…i didnt realize that…