pic: Master of Ceremony with a Bike

Have you ever seen the Master of Ceremony ride a bike to the playing field? Yeah… That’s what the bicycle city of America would do to someone from New Hampshire.

That guy was pretty rad with his bike and all. (it had green LED’s stuck to it!)

:yikes: And there’s Emily our mascot! (beside the ram mascot)
She’s the best pirate ever. They said she was safety person of the day.:smiley:

I thought it was awesome the MC was a biker. He reffered to Davis as the Biker’s Mecca. I wonder if he just borrowed that bike though… I don’t think he would have bought one or brought one all the way from the east coast.

That looks like Blair. I have so much respect for that guy. He is the KING of announcing compared to what I have been hearing on these regional archives. I really hope I get a chance to catch him on Thursday at Atlanta though because he seems like a very cool guy. He was the MC at the Bayou too, and he was just brilliant.


Yeah, he was awesome.

Does anybody know if the Emcee from SVR will be at Nationals? That guy is so high-energy, it’s insane.

Doesn’t beat a zamboni! :yikes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

(Boston 2006)

Mark will be there. He usually is on Curie.