pic: May 9th Team 987 day?

May 9th is Team 987 The Highroller’s day in Nevada!

Man, If I would have known this I would have tried to get off from work to celebrate :slight_smile: Congratulations 987 keep up the great work.

reachin for the sky and rollin high…awesome

should’ve told us sooner! Congrats guys, this is great!

Incredible! Congratulations. Great work guys!

[sarcasm]Couldn’t wait for 9/8/07? ;)[/sarcasm]

Congratulations, y’all!

Wow, that’s quite good recognition…but, after all, it IS the Championship!

That’s an excellent start, now make sure your legislature learns a little bit about the impact your program has on the local populace and students, grow their support for FIRST, and keep watering that seedling and turn it into a big tree.


Awesome recognition, and great for FIRST.


Congragulations! Wow that is a huge honor there!