pic: maybe he didn't lie all of the way....

right before usher came onstage

Thank You Will-i-am for showing off the first logo to the world in one of the biggest events televised. You kept your promise and added your personal touch to it. Great job!

Just so you two are aware he never promised anything

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but I don’t believe in giving credit where credit is not deserved. I am quite sure that is the Logo for “Superbowl XLV” and not FIRST.

The characters resemble XLV in the NFL colors of red white and blue much more than the FIRST logo. I think we were all just a little too hopeful that something miraculous would come from this event and as a result we are looking for everything and anything remotely resembling a connection to FIRST to fulfill the hopes of sharing our passion to such a large audience.

I am dissappointed that Will did not “shout-out” to FIRST but we are not the ones paying his salary. The superbowl organizers and the ones paying for the halftime show probably don’t know and don’t care who we are.

– Don’t forget, FIRST is a direct competitor to the superbowl, why would they ever agree to promote us? :wink:

From all the screenshots that have been posted around the interwebs, I can’t imagine red, white, and blue shapes like those resembling anything other than the FIRST logo…

I don’t see FIRST and the Superbowl as competitors at all - there’s nothing wrong with going home and watching a good game of football after a tiring day at the engineering firm :wink:

The title of this discussion is very disappointing. He didn’t lie about anything.

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I agree. He never promised he would wear it so why call him a liar? That disturbs me. The guy gave us a huge shout out and we want to call him names? I give him props for everything h did for us and I would imagine all for FREE!! Let’s all remember our G.P. and celebrate the wonderful trip all of us are on.

If you can find a single instance of the XLV logo made in red white and blue letters, go ahead.

Or even a round “L”…

Chris, did you look at the link I posted?

I don’t see FIRST and the Superbowl as competitors at all

Dean has continually made little jabs that he wants FIRST to be as big as the superbowl, for engineers and scientists to be respected and revered the way professional athletes are. This is what I meant by saying they were competitors. My comment was intended as a little light-hearted humor, not a statement.

I hold nothing against Will-I-Am. I think it was great of him to come out to the kickoff but at the same time I’ve been rather dissapponted whenever he opens his mouth- That video on the FIRST homepage just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I would think he’d have more to say than “That’s dope”, “Cool” and “build me a robot”.

The XLV were in a red white blue theme but not matching those colors at all.

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Dang it, you fed the troll!

but back on topic, I thought that there was no chance any FIRST would be mentioned so seeing this makes me quite thankful for the little publicity we get

Its cool to cause if you watch the vid, he turns his head to show it off.
Pretty sweet!

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He has alot to learn period.
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This thread sickens me… it certainly has nothing to do with the FIRST spirit.

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