pic: Mayhem Night Crew

these are the guys gtaurding thr field all night in Ft. lauterdale and the girl taking the picture

talk about some fun night?

It was amazing time that night. Few of us don’t get to hang out with each other all the time. It was really cool. Thanks to you guys for staying up with me all night gaurding the field. Would have been so hard to pull this off without you guys. :slight_smile:

and i was home fine in my bed but worried sick about all of you!! i couldnt’ sleep know you guys were down there with the bad weather…but i’m glad you were all safe and sound… love ya all…

You all talked to me on the phone!!! =D I feel special that I was, in a way, part of this whole thingy. I love you guys bunches. =P

Staying up under a roof, but still outside in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale with the field, an X-box, an LCD project, a laptop and other various valuable objects. Tack on being under a tornado watch caused from a hurricane off of Florida… Talk about one of the most thrilling nights of my life, w00t!

Those CRAZY Floridians…
good to know i’ll be down there in less than a month:D

Watch out, guys, Lisa’s coming… worse than any hurricane or tornado you can imagine! :smiley:

that was one fun night

Wi-Fi searching, Movies, cake, and it got funner at 4 in the morning

awsome night guys and girl