pic: MC Evans

Evans from Lehman High School was one of the Mr. MC for NYC FLL. The FLL year started with 200 teams. After five qualifier Tournaments later, 82 best of the best FLL Teams competed at the City-Wide Championship for a trip to Atlanta and very cute trophies.

Were there any perfect 400 scores? South Carolina will have our state tournament in two weeks, and I don’t think anybody had gotten a 400 in the qualifiers. The team I coach got a 375 and it was awesome. Unfortulately the SC state winner will not get the invitation to Atlanta this year, and it’s only 2 hours away.:confused:

I can’t recall. I was a referee, and the highest I saw was a 355. I didn’t get a chance to check the leaderboards though.

Adam is correct, 355 was the highest score, followed by a 335 I believe. The fifth highest score was a 315 which isn’t too bad for the fifth placed team at a regional tournament.