pic: [MCC] 2018 Oryon Robot Reveal: Rouge

Team Oryon hosted by FRC team 4587 Jersey Voltage presents Rogue.

Reveal Video: https://youtu.be/miFmVdjzCEI

More documentation coming soon. Feel free to ask questions here as well as leave feedback. Thanks!

What type of wheels are those on the intake

Fairlane Conveyer Rollers

These are the Durasoft model that are more compliant.

They have different materials and durometers avliable.
We are going to be trying the 20A Nitrile (white) wheels.

We order from Fixtureworks.net and get them with a 1.125" ID so we can press bearings and hubs in easily. With shipping the wheels normally come out to around $30 each.

edit: Link - https://www.fixtureworks.net/store/pc/1-1-8-in-ID-Inch-c1653.htm

It seemed the robot had some slight problems getting the cube to launch far enough into the switch, did you okay with the spacing on the rollers or plan on adding another set near the very end of the ramp?

Rouge? I don’t see very much red.

Whoops. Fixed everywhere except thread title.

There are a few things that made it seem this way.
-The switch on the field was not mounted very well to the carpet so we couldn’t run into it very hard or push into it to straighten the robot or else the whole switch would move
-The cube would not always be at the same position on the ramp

Otherwise, so long as the robot is up against the side of the ramp entirely it went in fine. Having zero driving practice with this robot as well as worrying about moving the switch too much, accounts for some of the reason for not making cubes in. Also because of the ramp height (it needed to be that low to take cubes from the portal as well) There isn’t a good way to get cubes in once the switch is full.

I think with a few more weeks of playing around with it, we could get it to work very well. Adding another roller is an option but adds a little more weight/complexity and makes it harder to get cubes from the portal (which I think is very important)

Did you think your robot would count as “launching” the cubes? The launching rules are kind of ambiguous and we are working on a similar mechanism,

I feel like this type of roller mechanism is in a grey area with “launching” as you are still basically controlling the cube up until it leaves the robot.

I consider this launching. Because we are forcefully ejecting it from our robot and not “dropping” or “placing” it into the switch, I feel that this is launching. It really comes down to interpretation from the refs, but I think they will consider this launching cubes.

Yeah that’s how I feel about it, it is going to be interesting to see how they interpret robots that have an intake/elevator mechanism that reverse their wheels to eject the cube onto the scale/switch.

How do you see G09 as ambiguous? It seems pretty clear to me that launching is permitted within three zones (own alliance NULL, the FENCE, and at own EXCHANGE).

The act of LAUNCHING not necessarily the place you are at.

As in, what defines launching vs pushing the cube at speed vs spitting the cube out vs a “dunking motion”

Hey copper, my name is Jaleel from team 4592 the mighty mechanical mustangs. you may remember my team from the bayou regional, I have question about your climber mechanism, how does it work and what material are you guys using?

The climber uses a winch to pull itself up and an arm to deploy the hook. We are using two 70:1 775pro gearboxes to pull our winch with a ratcheting hex wrench to prevent back drive. The arm has a hook made out of 0.5” poly carb with climbing webbing bolted to it. Once the hook attaches to the bar the climbing webbing which has been masking taped to the arm breaks away and then we simply remove slack from the winch by driving away and then use the winch to pull us up.

Here is the Technical Binder for the 2018 team Oryon MCC robot Rogue.