pic: MC's in the House!


From left to right-

The Voice of NJ: George
Let’s Go Man: Freddy
Ms. PG: Jess

Catch us at local off season events, or email FIRST to put us on a regional stage near you!

Sorry the quality isn’t that great, but you can still see the smiles on our faces. I personally had a blast. Fred Harding (who put on quite the show) said “George, once I finish pointing to the teams it’s your show.” So I had my partners in crime take over and I did the commentary. Although I did manage to MC for Quarterfinal 3…that was a flip…haha.

So…I open this up to the panel of judges (the CD community)

What did you like?
What can we do better?

Your input is greatly appreciated. If you think we did a good job, email FIRST and tell them that we should be put on stage at regionals…we welcome the challenge.



Jess: You were so cool to hang-out with all-day and I was glad that you were with me MCing. It was total blast and can’t wait to see you on a regional stage, rocking it

George: Two-words: Thank you. You led us to do an amazing job and I was glad to work with you.You give me alot of good pointers and some kewl techniques to introduce teams. No-doubt-in-my-mind you are amazing play by play announcer and I will always remember the flip you did to announce the red alliance.