pic: Me and Elgin


I figured it was time for a new Who Am I so I picked this picture. Its better than the last because at least this one is robotics related :P. So me and Elgin (Alginon) were in the pits in Atlanta and it took a couple attempts to get an actual picture cause he kept making stupid faces. Haha oh Alginon…

From the thumbnail…this looked like Mark Leon to me…not ELGIN :rolleyes:


look at the hair / sunglasses–> i think they bear resemblance

maybe BonoMark?

Haha I thought so too, but Mark Leon actually has brown hair, we had dinner with him Thursday night when he DIDN’T HAVE BLUE HAIR. It was like a new Mark Leon. lol But also, Mark Leon always wears his blue Nasa Jacket, even to dinner that night, if my memory serves me well.

Mark Leon’s the MAN!!
and so is ELGIN lol

I think I could pull off being Mark for Halloween this year… LOL
<looks on Ebay for a NASA jacket> lol

We’re both pretty hyper at times. We all know Mark is by the way he MC’s, and if you ever met me you know I am as well.

But, I don’t have the nice blue hair yet. This was an attempt to go royal blue, so I bleached my hair blonde (cause blondes have more fun don’t ya know? :stuck_out_tongue: ) and then used blue hair gel/glue, but we def. didn’t put enough coats in my hair, so it came out baby blue.

Maybe I’ll attempt this again next year, and finally get it right.
And I’ll have that NASA jacket by then too, or… a reasonable facsimile and get a pic of Mark and myself. lol

Anyone know if Mark cruises CD??
I gotta ask him how he gets his hair so blue, cause mine is dark red/brown normally as well.


Anyways, as for the pic, I was glad I was finally able to meet my hero this year in Atlanta. Laura = coolest Canadian I ever met. lol

And… I haven’t met that many real Canadians* yet, but I’m sure it’ll take a bit of wowwing me to make her lose that title. :yikes:

*lol to the Baker survivor vid for all who get that reference.

Not to work he doesn’t. His loud tie almost makes up for it though. (Same goes for Dave and Hawaiian shirts.)

2 words…3 depending how you spell lol
Blue Hairspray

Mark forgot to bring his blue hairspray to Atlanta, so a guy on our team, Evan, gave him the can of blue hairspray he brought.

Elgin, When I saw you at first in the 237 pit, I seriously thought u were corey from behind… and then I was extremely confused…:confused: lol

Good thing I don’t have a 2006 Team 25 shirt (yet!!!) huh? :ahh:

Elgin - since you’ve got bleached hair, you might as well use Jello or this hair stuff called Splat . It will last a while, but the outcome is definitely blue!

No way!!! I don’t think my employer would be too happy. It’s crazy enough gettin’ the looks of disbelief from having my hair blonde.
Some people didn’t recognize me last Friday, after I had it in all week, and Tuesday before Nats as well.

Keep in mind, that this is a place where they still require non-management people to wear ties.

So; a tie and blue hair… Sure, it may work at FIRST competitions, and some other jobs, but I would not want to do it where I work.

I’m too scared to pull it off… LOL j/k :rolleyes:

But, got any suggestions for bright blue hair that doesn’t involve something permanent? And, hair spray, while nice, does tend to rub off on things such as oh… idk… plane seats? I tried to clean it all off… but… apparently wasn’t that successfully.

Hope I don’t get a bill for that one. :ahh:

Baby Blue! :smiley:

That had better not be my new nickname Em… :ahh: :rolleyes: