pic: Me and Tyty

This is what happens when you let me and Tytus wonder around the neighborhood. Me, Tyty and Tiffany were walking around her neighborhood when we saw this porter pottie… Saw the number of team 1083 and team 461 on there… next thing you know… We take pictures =)

… Yes I know we are such Robotics Dorks.

… As Amanda Morrison already calls me dorkas.

Wow were so board

I’m speechless.

Hahaha… thats right… So much for a walk.

We had to run back to the house to grab the camera to get those pics. Great weekend.

Let’s not forget 772 otherwise the SWAT team will come and get you :slight_smile: . Honestly, though, wow.

SWAT is team 771 (from Canada).

Okay, then you will be forced to eat a club sandwich :slight_smile:

(I always get those two mixed up)

You’re going to come all the way from California to get Arefin to eat a club sandwich? Do you have a lot of extra frequent flyer miles or something?

Yeah, the last time we were down in West Palm Beach I decided to leave a souvenir…the numbers I mean… :smiley:

this was in palm city. the area code in palm beach is 561

I saw this in Orlando very close to home of 1083 and was planning on posting it… but I’m afraid I can’t top a porter pottie picture. Lookie, its team 555! (perhaps this belongs in the “team numbers in odd places” thread)



this was in my neighborhood…down the street from my house now…we went for a walk down that end of my street and tytus says guys look!!! its 1083…yeah…

it’s still there lol…will be there for a while…

772 is martin county area code…lol

so yeah i took the lovely photos of my crazy buddies pointing to this…luv ya buddies…great weekend i agree…

HAHHA woo No more emoticon, no we are team emoti-port-o-let

The 555, they were sued by 711 they used to be 777. That place is so ghetto.

Team 772 is in Ontario Canada, and they will force you to eat club sandwiches. lawl