pic: Me at Burn Center traning last night.

This is me at our burn center training ground last night. I’m only smiling because we didn’t start the burn Evolutions yet. Also this isn’t my full time station, this is station 28/32 I’m out of station 25. I thought it was time to update my WAI since my current one is from 2005.

Inspirational WAIs are the best WAIs, Kyle.
And you, indeed, are an inspiration.

All the best to you,

Thank you, and for anyone who would like a good example of inspiration make it a point to meet JaneYoung when you get a chance. I had the pleasure in Atlanta on 2007 and I hope to be able to speak to her again sometime in the near FIRST future.

Also please support you local Fire/ EMS station, right now there are many states who are getting close to voting on bills/resolutions that will have major effects on funding to Fire and EMS in your area. Remember who the people are that respond when you call 911, I will give you a hint: its not your government official.

Thank you.