pic: Me at HCC Fire Academy 2008


If anyone has been wondering why I have not been seen at anything to do with robots for a long time. I’am in my final days of the Fire Academy in tampa,fl. Don’t worry, I will be back soon,
and good luck to all the teams this year.

Out of curiosity, which one is you?

My guess is the one in the blue shirt?

How long is the academy there? Do they accept Fire I and II? I would love to work for a dept in FL once I finish medic school.

Wow guys sorry its been a long time for an update, I just found this post.
Iam currently in medic school, will be done in Aug 2013. Iam the one in the Blue Bunker gear, working on the ladder.

Fire academy was 4 months, and all you need is FF I&II.