pic: Me...in my room


Why is the rifle in the background upside down? Just curious

Good question

Easier to hang that way. Is it a 12Ga or a 20Ga?

The rifle is upside because it is easier to put in the rack (which I built myself). And, the rifle is a Remington 870 Express (12 GA w/ 30 in. barrel and modified choke kit). I use it mainly for skeet/trap shooting during the summer.

hey i like the picture of the girl next to your moniter :smiley:

It’s my desktop day-by-day calendar - The Sports Illustrated One.

are those bawls bottles i see there in the top couner!!:o:O … drools i love my bawls…

by the way its an energy drink:cool:

Wow, good eyes. Yes, those are Bawls bottles. They are hard to get because only one gas station in my area has them…and its not conveniently on my way to anyplace I normally go. I wanna make a lamp out of one of the bottles.

Question… are you a driver for Bedford? And were you at GLR last weekend? cause you look fimiliar.

Yep, I’m a driver for 1023 and I was at GLR.