pic: me, jeremy,and andy


Me (Rohan), Andy Baker, and Jeremy after the GTR (I think thats our programmer Neil in the background too)

:yikes: ANDY IS!!! :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Proof that FIRST works:
2 FIRST HS students from Canada would like to pose in a picture with a goober engineer from Indiana, who is wearing a kilt.

Rock on.


John, John, John…

We’ve been through all of this before.

It is a SKIRT!

Nevertheless, you are right. This is a great pic!

But where’s the kilt!!

Don’t worry Kayla, I’d probably be the same way…

OHHHHHHHHHHH the True Goober!!! of Indiana is the true and the only Goober!!! is THE GOOBER!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (and that would be me!!!)

I can remember the first thing I said after i met John. ‘Who’s he again’ (and yes i’m very serious about it. Little did i know that he would be such a great mentor)

and Andy, I don’t think the skirt matches you very well.

Ya! come on Kayla! where’s John’s kilt?!?!

LOL starts poking fun at Andy :stuck_out_tongue: just kiddin Andy :stuck_out_tongue: