pic: me (Leav) getting some water while MCing at the first FIRST off season event in Israel.


I was asked to MC the first FIRST off season event in Israel by Liron (Tottanaka)… so I did!
Alisha (basically the one running FIRST in Israel) got me some water cause my throat was drier than the Sahara …

those were a really fun couple of days… :slight_smile:


p.s. disregard the aim high shirt… it’s my lucky FIRST shirt I wear it everywhere… :stuck_out_tongue:

New WAI?

Yeah i was just waiting for it to be approved…

is there an easier way to make a WAI than deleting the old tag “Who Am I?” from the old WAI and then adding the “Who Am I?” tag to the new pic and then clicking the little name tag?

phew… that took a while… (until I figured it out…) :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh so true how being an MC makes you thirstier than a dog on a 120 degree day running around :rolleyes: Haha.

Point being - been there, done that =D Haha. Thank goodness for water :smiley: