pic: Me & The Robot at Monty Madness 2006

Me hiding behind the robot in the back hallways of Monty Madness 2006.

Thanks to Rohith (CD username rvssnake) from team 75 for the pic.

ELGIN! Make sure you dont crash into anything! :ahh: :wink: im just joshin!


Nah, I never crash or break anything… :smiley: :rolleyes:

<knock on wood>

Except for the monorail in 2001, the lemonade in your pocket at nationals in 2002, the drill motor transmissions in 03, and at least one piece of every robot since 03, I would say you are doing quite well. :rolleyes:

haha, good thing we have elgin to test the durability of our robots. :cool:

lol that sounds like something my dad said once of me
he (up until recently) worked for Porsche and got prototypes
I’ve broken a few…