pic: Me with WallE and Grant

Grant Imahara came and spoke to Iowa State Students and it turns out you can get ahold of him and talk a bit if you have a Wall-E

This is ridiculously awesome. Can you build me a Wall-E? Pretty please?

I don’t suppose your WallE compacts garbage, does it? You should figure out a way to build and EVE as well. :slight_smile:

All those animator types don’t apparently follow the laws of physics, so no, he can’t compact trash. Kinda got a 120ah deep cycle battery inside.

How long can you drive it before it needs recharging? :ahh:

so far its been about 6 hours straight

Are you driving it with a wii remote?

Aren Hill is the next Myth buster.

Also, bring WallE to the CMP again this year.

Yeah, but he’s fully autonomous if I put it in the hoodie pocket :wink: