pic: Me working on the robot

trying to attach the trailer to the robot, the electronics board was fixed on top of the screw we had to remove to attach it so we ended up attaching it from the bottom.

Just to be sure… you won’t have to do that during competition to remove your trailer, right?

Seems to me you guys have encountered a design flaw

No! Don’t eat him!

obligatory nom nom nom

Better to realize now than Friday morning at regionals, right?

The pic reminds me of our poor attachment system for our center goal top to its stand in 06. I spent a lot of time inside that goal with a ratchet at the end of meetings. :wink:

A gatherer… that sucks up humans…

post season idea much?

luckily for us this is just the kit bot.

careful, you left the battery plugged in, you wouldn’t want to get run over…


actually when i first was down there it was still turned on:ahh:

Floor Jack. U needz one.

Way to go beyond the call of duty. Not only can it take in orbit balls, it can take in students. That deserves an award right there.