pic: me


kind of looks like a young sarah silverman(the girl on the left duh)

its the team in the pits next to us.

the texas team! you were for sure next to us

You, hottie, you!

Team 2177 - The Robettes. I think we finally were announcing it correctly by the end of the competition :] sorry about that and good job at St. Louis.

you just posted that alissa cos you wanted to post. ahaha

well at least u guys pronounced it correctly, for some reason the robettes is said to be the rabettes by others, those of u on the bus that night know what i’m talking about

that we were.

hahaha texas!!! you gave out smiley face rings, cute.

Does anyone know that actual number of people Jonathon flirted with in St. Louis? It has to be double digits.

i actualy got a bracelet from them but it fell off at some point when i was taking off the bumpers…kinda sad

haha yes…indeed you were. im thinking this has just turned into an awkward conversation so thats all im gonna say.
and rachel, i was on the bus and i have no idea what you are talking about. is this some inside joke you have going with adam or something? ps. your a stalker.

u do too know what i’m talking about! remember that one lady that just came onto our bus?! and considering her current state she couldnt pronounce our name correctly and kept saying rabettes, oh and just to inform i am not a stalker i have no idea what ur talking about

ooh jonathans drunk gf. i see. and yes, yes you are.

I just want to point out how weird it is that we are all on this thing at the same time. and that we are all on the facebook group at the same time too.

i have to admit this is kinda oddly, and also becuase of this and thanks to u 3, i do not have my english research paper done

I did all of my homework at 11 last night and when i was done i went back on… if i can do it you can too. This is really addicting.

well at lease my paper is done now…and yea very addicting

this post has gone crazy.