pic: Mean Machine's 2018 CAD Release





Quick question, why did you use surgical tubing for your lift?


We used surgical tubing to tension the elevator rope because it is easy to change the resting tension by adding or removing loops and it is relatively light weight. We also have a stock pile of it sitting in our shop, so it was convenient.

We were using a pneumatic cylinder for that application, but it was deemed too heavy.


Does your code account for the variation in force across the travel of the elevator? Were constant force springs also deemed too heavy?


The surgical tubing i was referring to does not change tension across the travel of the elevator. So no compensation was made.

In hindsight, my reply to Tkrzyzanek’s question may have been off base, because we have surgical tubing on the elevator in three places. What surgical tubing are you referencing? The rope tensioner, middle stage tie-down, or the arm counterbalance?


Great Robot! We had fun hitching a ride with you to meet the boss.
What type of motors power the intake wheels?


I’ve been looking forward to this CAD release for quite a while. Thanks guys!