pic: Mecanum Frame Assembly 2D

Wow, looks pretty cool. One thing I noted though- It may be pretty hard to swap modules, because without an independent frame, you’ll have to attach components directly to the individual modules, as far as I can tell. Maybe there’s a light aluminum frame to tie everything in together?

Regardless, looks good! I’m seeing so many mechanum setups this year. Too bad they won’t be any good on Jello…:smiley:

Or at climbing stairs. Although, a few teams may find innovative ways of “wowing” us.

It isn’t too difficult to swap modules. I take out 4 bolts and slide in a new plate with gearbox and wheel mounted on it. You can also see it in this photo. The problem comes in that the wheels and gearboxes are expensive.

I’m still trying to figure out good suspension materials as I mentioned in this thread.

What would be cool if mecanums worked like spoked wheels. But unfortunately, I think they would slip and don’t have enough height.

Thanks for the responses!

Feel free to prove me wrong here, but these are just the KOP gearboxes, correct? Have you had any thought about doing a lighter version at the same speed, or perhaps developing your own custom gearing?

I’m impressed with how many teams are using their pre-season to develop mecanum drives. Let’s just hope that they can be implemented into this year’s game without to much trouble.


Haven’t you seen the video of the forklift outfitted with mechanums climbing a staircase?

The gearboxes are the single speed AM Gearboxes. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources at this time to design and build our own gearboxes; hopefully next year we can. I’m sure our team and many others would be very disappointed if the game would not be suitable for mecanums.