pic: Mecanum Prototype 1

A Mecanum prototype base for educational purposes at this point. It runs off a Vex controller. Two custom made transmissions and two 2006 transmissions.

I forgot to mention that a video of it driving is on Google video…

Still needs some more programming - but that’s what the off season is for right?

It will eventually be integrated with our cannon bot and become the “Mecannon Bot”.

Mecanum Armchair Bot… I had that idea, too. I figured that Mecanum wheels are too expensive, though.

After all, what I’d be doing would be a personal project with help from one or two other 675 members.

Can you circle straff?

That is really cool how you mixed VEX with IFI. I wouldn’t think that it would be possible.

They still need to write a better control program. You can see in the video two students actually driving it. One Vex Remote is driving the back wheels and the other remote is driving the front wheels. They set it up like this (basically straight mapping of the y-axis of each joystick to a drive wheel) to do some experiments (actually a science fair project for one of the students). They’ll then take that knowledge and write a real control program using just one remote.

Here’s something that I, personally, think should be on your To-Do list for that.

Add a good battery mount! :ahh:

It looks good, by the way. Why do you have two different transmissions?

Heh, we built two air cannons in the preseason and we’re going to mount them on our mecanum bot, then add facial recognition and have a strafing dual cannon tank :smiley:

Pavement is pretty harsh on rollers though, I don’t know if I’d want to use it outside.

They’ll be adding a true battery mount. For testing it was strapped down for sefty reasons.

They ran out of time (science fair due date) to make four identical transmissions and just used two of the old ones and kept the same gear ratio. They’ll eventually complete two more of the custom transmissions. They meet an hour a day, so CNCing the plates takes a while.

Again this is just for fun and educational purposes only.