pic: Mecanum Wheel Project - Rev. E

This is the fifth revision and will be the first prototype of a mecanum wheel set I’m developing. It is not for FIRST use. The effective outer diameter is 2.5", with a width of just less than 1".

I am awaiting the completion of a prototype that is being built up on a ZCorp 3D printer. The hub will then be made into a mold and we will cast a full set of wheels. The rollers will be printed similarly, made into a mold, and then cast in urethane.

The rollers are fitted over a 1/4" OD nylon tube and held in place by #8 screws in each end of the tube.

When I receive the first wheel back, I’ll take some pictures and post them here. This is the first iteration that we’re making in 3D, so I’m sure there’ll be more to come as we learn more about how to make these wheels stronger and easier to assemble.

ooo now thats a sexy wheel…nobody heard me say that

looks fragile. any real life wheels for you to test with? be sure to hammer them a few times with another robot or something, make sure they wont die in competition.

edit: i read the other thread on this. seems as though this isnt for FIRST. interesting. well maybe fragile doesnt matter then.

Haha, I heard you…and I agree. To add to the idea the FIRST girls have a “twisted” sense of what’s cute, it would appear us FIRST guys have a twisted sense of what’s sexy…

I am curious what you will be molding with and casting with. Also, are you printing in ABS plastic solid or sparse? We made molds from printed ABS hubs for Jester Drive, created wax positives and had them investment cast. We also had a set created using Z-casting where they print a mold and cast in aluminum.

I’d love to learn more about your experiences with the casting and molding processes. Truthfully, I know pretty much nothing about them and this is very much a learning experience. First and foremost, we’re having these wheels printed to make sure they assemble correctly – then once we’re satisfied with their construction, we’ll move forward with production.

Lots of questions on this one. What is the material of the rollers and the hub? What is the thickness of the petals on the hub. Is there plan to put these into to production? Why Mecanum’s and not another type of wheel/ drive train setup? Have any dimensioned prints come out of this?


There is a lot of information in this thread as well: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47981

To reiterate, the first wheel will be printed on a rapid prototyping machine. The hub will remain as it comes from the machine for the time being, but will be used later to create a mold or cast for the finished product. We’re not yet sure how that process will work. The rollers are being made into molds and cast in urethane.

The tab thickness is, I believe, 3/16". The wheel diameter is 2.5" and they’re obviously not for FIRST use. Thus, they’re mecanums precisely because they were meant to be mecanums. There are no prints for these wheels yet since, so far, we’re working entirely with machines that can handle digital files.

Well the first time I saw these, they were made by Airtrax and were used on Forklifts, Aerial Platforms, and a wagon type deal. According to Airtrax, the technology was originally designed by the military.