pic: Mecanums

cool, but … what is it? A conveyor system of some sort?

How many mecanum wheels do you have underneath that thing?

with metal rollers?
what is it?

It’s most likely a loading pallet at an airport. I noticed those too when looking at the equipment at an airport.

ya, airport or post office. Maybe someones bot?


Industry uses mecanum wheels like this anywhere they need to move something heavy, as it works just like mecanum robot drivetrain does. It allows heavy crates to translate and rotate simultaneously with very little force needed to move them. So this could be anywhere from a warehouse loading dock to an international airport. :wink:

I’ve actually seen them used at Rapids water park they allow the inner tubes to be moved by workers once they get to the top in any direction. The setup looked very similar to the pictures. There was also a really large conveyor system to bring the inner tubes to the top. That waterpark is fun but also very intersting as there is alot of engineering that needs to be done to accomplish it. This is the case with any amusement park I suppose.

Two cents in,
Drew :wink: